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Hi lovelies,
     Today I want to talk about a very important factor of my life, meditation. I started meditating daily around two weeks ago and in hindsight they have been the best two weeks of my life. Meditating once or twice daily has made me a more energized and generally happier person.
     Finding time for myself in my busy life schedule is a difficult task, and for me meditation is those five minutes for me to reflect on myself and make sure I'm in a happy and healthy mindset. Meditation helps me breath and be aware of my body and mind. 
     I started meditating because I saw the positive benefits in people I followed on the online community. The biggest influence for me to start meditating was digital entrepreneur/meditation teacher Rochelle Fox. Rochelle has a way about her that makes you so motivated to try new things. Down below I will attach the link to the video Rochelle made that helped me as a beginner in meditation.
     The third time I meditated was when I complet…

10 Back to School Lifesavers

Coming from someone that's going into their second last year of high school this fall, I've somehow come up with an abundance of tips that help me survive the dreaded back to school season. 

1. Don't wait until last minute! 
     Waiting until last minute to prepare for school can be killer. I used to always wait until the night before school to buy school supplies and make sure i was organized for the upcoming season. Buying school supplies at-least a week before school starts can be crucial. I always found that buying school supplies the night before school starts a terrible experience. You usually will get with the ugly coloured binders and crappy pencils that always break. Going a week before school starts will ensure you get the supplies you want and need and release some of the stress build up on the night before.

2. Pack the Night Before!
      Nobody looks forward to getting up at 6 in the morning to look their best on the first day. A very self explanatory tip t…