10 Back to School Lifesavers

      Coming from someone that's going into their second last year of high school this fall, I've somehow come up with an abundance of tips that help me survive the dreaded back to school season. 

1. Don't wait until last minute! 
     Waiting until last minute to prepare for school can be killer. I used to always wait until the night before school to buy school supplies and make sure i was organized for the upcoming season. Buying school supplies at-least a week before school starts can be crucial. I always found that buying school supplies the night before school starts a terrible experience. You usually will get with the ugly coloured binders and crappy pencils that always break. Going a week before school starts will ensure you get the supplies you want and need and release some of the stress build up on the night before.

2. Pack the Night Before!
      Nobody looks forward to getting up at 6 in the morning to look their best on the first day. A very self explanatory tip to get those extra 10 minutes of sleep is to pack your bags and lunch the night before. Not only will you get more time to dream about Ryan Gosling, but it will make your morning more hassle free.

3. Comfy but Cute!
      The first day of school apparently looks like a fashion show to half of the student body. Yes I understand the want to look good on the first day of school but there is no need to walk around always pulling down you shorts or fixing a strap that keeps falling down. Summer and school activities are much different and you need to remember that your going to be sitting in a chair for most of the day. I recommend wearing something you know you will be comfortable in. No need for eight pieces of jewelry and a skin tight dress people!

4. Know what your doing!
      Never ever try a new hair or makeup look for the first time the morning school starts. This not only takes up more time, but could go drastically wrong. I'm definitely guilty of trying to maser my winged eyeliner the first day of school and taking fifteen minutes to do so before eventually giving up and starting all over.Stick to a makeup look you know how do to well or having been practicing during the summer. In other words "Stick to the status quo."

5. Bring a Sweater!
      I don't know if this is just my school but for some god forsaken reason teachers feel the need to blast the air-conditioning to the point of shivering. Outside it may feel like summer but inside is quite the opposite. his tip goes hand in hand with number three but I felt was important enough to be its own. Sitting in a classroom for two hours shivering is not a good time, and if don't end up using the sweater you can always leave it in your locker.

6. Stay on Task!
      I am definitely guilty of laying in bed on my phone for way more time than needed. A way I have conquered this time consumer is with the app Routine.
Routine is a simple app that helps you build your morning routine and and give you a certain time to do everything. Sound notifications remind you to move on to your next morning ask to make sure you get out of the door on time. This app is available for free on the app store!  

7. Find your People!
      Being alone on the first day of school sucks. Make a place to meet up with all your friends on the first day. I recommend this tip especially if your going into high school. Yes most of the seniors will hate you for walking in with your whole group of friends but on the firs day a a new school this really help. (just as long as your don;t walk in a straight line down the hallway its all good.) I will tell you first hand that your girlfriends now will not be your girlfriends at the end of the year. People change and grow but it's nothing to be afraid about. High school can make a huge impact on your life but there will always be someone with the same interests as you, you just have to find them.

8. Keep Organized!
      Losing papers and assignments is actually really hard to do if your organized. Keep your binders, work space, and locker organized and clean. Nothing is worse than when your teacher asked for an assignment you definitely remember doing but you can't manage to find it in your mess of a binder.

9. Balance!
      Don't let yourself get too caught up in school work and school itself. Having an activity you look forward to after school can make the day go by much faster and make your days much happier. Don't let your whole life revolve around school, you have to remember that school wont teach you everything you need to know. You need to get out and have some fun to learn some real life lessons. 

10. Look on the Bright Side!
      School is a way for you to socialize and see your friends everyday. It's a way for you to meet new people and try something new. The opportunities and endless when it comes to school activities and classes. Yes, the teachers can be harsh and you may hate a few classes but its not the end of the world. There is life after high school, you just have to get there first!

Happy Thoughts!

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  1. I use all these tips, like not even kidding. I am just reading your blog, not trying to come over like a stalker 😂


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