Top 10 Travel Destinations!

       I've always been a girl with aspirations to travel. I find that travelling makes e a happier person. I also think that travelling is good for the soul. I have compiled a list of places that I some day hope to travel to. Some places will have hotels or resorts linked to them but overall these destinations are gorgeous and refreshing.

*Quick disclaimer non of the photos on this post are mine, I have gotten them all from google images. All rights to original owners!*

1) Coolangatta Australia
Australia has always been somewhere I've wanted to go. The ocean and the laid back personality of the local makes it a popular destination. I've always wanted to learn to surf and and I think Australia is clearly the best place to learn!
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2) Brighton England
I discovered Brighton through Zoe Sugg/ Zoella. From the piers to the lanes, Brighton has something to offer to everyone. I have seen so many images of the cute cafes and independent stores around Brighton. It is definitely going to be on my top travel destinations list for a long time!

3) Bali Indonesia
Bali is full of beautiful sceneries, from the beach to the forest you are sure to find a relaxing spot. Bali is full of gorgeous resorts and cute cafes. There are also beach clubs galore. If you have ever research Bali before I am sure you have probably heard of the Potato Head beach club. Potato Head is somewhere I will definitely be going when I finally get the chance to travel to Bali.

4) Edinburgh Scotland
Edinburgh is a place I don't think many people would put on their top travel destinations but it has easily made mine. Edinburgh has some of the most gorgeous architecture I've ever seen. (Through photos of course) You can walk down the Royal Mile or go tour the castle, either way the architecture is sure to blow your mind.

5) Bora Bora
If you have ever followed a travel blogger or Youtuber you are sure to know about the four seasons at Bora Bora. Bora Bora is the ultimate getaway for a honeymoon or even just a relaxing trip with friends and family. There are so many activities the Four Seasons resort has to offer. I would definitely check out their website to view more pictures of their amazing over water villas and all the other amazing thing the resort has to offer.


6) Nashville Tennessee
Nashville is the place to go if you are looking for an upbeat and fun filled getaway. Nashville is know for their amazing culture. There is always live music and the restaurants have reached a new level. (Not to mention I love their NHL team) But overall Nashville isn't for everyone and I understand that but if you are looking for fun I would highly suggest it.

7) Florence Italy
In my small  little description of Edinburgh I talked very high bout the architecture, well I am about to do the same thing with Florence. Florence is full or art galleries and overall beautiful Renaissance art all around the city. I think Florence is a place where my tourist side would come out, and it would definitely be hard for me to put my camera down.

8) Mykonos Greece
I think we have all seen those photos of the white houses and buildings on the hills beside the ocean. Well if you want to experience it in real life Mykonos is the place to go. Not only is it full of amazing views and places to relax and suntan, it is also know for is amazing nightlife. Relax by day and party at night with some of the world most popular DJ's.

9) Dubai
Dubai is somewhere I have wanted to travel to for years. Opposing to Florence's Renaissance feel, Dubai is know for being ultra modern. Relax by the beach or go shopping at the high end boutiques. For the longest time I've known I wanted to stay at the Atlantis in Dubai. This resort is sure to make you feel like you are living in the Little Mermaid, and who doesn't want that!

10) Turks and Caicos
Last but definitely not least we have Turks and Caicos. I first learnt about Turks and Caicos when Canada tried to "adopt" it so to speak. I was 100% not opposed to the idea of Turks and Caicos becoming part of Canada because it would be nice to get out of the snow for cheaper. But sadly not all of our dreams can come true and unfortunately Turks and Caicos is not yet apart of Canada. But it did not stop me from putting it on my list! Turks and Caicos is definitely the place to go for a relaxing vacay, the beaches go on for ever and ever and you are sure to come home with a killer tan! (Just make sure to pack sunscreen!)

       Overall I just want to emphasis that you don't have to stay at the fanciest resorts or hotels to have a good time! I would definitely check out Airbnb to find places to stay. Also I just want to remind you that this is all my opinion. I have not traveled to any of these places, they are just places that I have come to recognize as amazing place I want to go. I hope this post opened up your eyes to some of the worlds gems. Let me know in the comments if you have been to any of these places before and if not where do you want to travel to the most!

Happy Thoughts!


  1. My top destination is also Australia. I would love to go there one day. Great post.


    1. Yes! Australia looks to be so gorgeous! Thanks so much for checking out my post! I have a new post going up on Friday and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out!

  2. My top destionation is also australia

  3. I really want to go to Scotland it looks so so beautiful :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. Yes I totally agree Scotland is beautiful! Thanks so much for reading my post! New one coming on Friday, it would mean the world to me if you checked it out!

  4. I live in Australia and it is such as a beautiful place! I actually live not too far from Coolangatta! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely day!

    xxxx from Emily //


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