Ultimate Feel Good Tunes

       Music is something that you can easily feel yourself relate to. When your feeling down you listen to sad music and when your getting ready for something you listen to pump up music. I listen to a lot of different music genres, from country to alternative Iv'e dabbled in it all. Today I want to share with you my favourite feel good music. This is the kind of music that just feels good in your soul and mind. This music makes me want to dance around this house or cruise down the highways with my windows open. Music like this is something I try to listen to way more than any other genres because it generally brightens my day. I'll make sure to link my Spotify account below so you can check out my crazy amounts of playlists. I will also link the specific playlist that most of these songs are coming from. This is a relatively short post but I felt like music is something I love and I want to share little things with you guys. So make sure to check out my Spotify and share this blog post if you found some new music you really enjoy. Leave a comment of a blog post that you would love to see next! Here is to dancing around our houses with the music blasting!
Happy Thoughts!

These are some of my favourite songs from the playlist!


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