Come to the Beach With Me!

       Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I posted but I promise I am back!I had such a good response on my Come Hiking With Me post that I thought I would do another one but beach addition. Summer is finally upon us in British Columbia and I could not be more excited for it. A couple exams in school and I will officially be on summer break. Usually I spend summer relaxing on the beach in the sun and I have accumulated what I think is a really good assortment beach bag necessities. Keep reading to find out what I keep in my beach bag!

Most of the items in my bag that are always there are beauty related items. I didn't want to go into too much depth because other products and items are constantly changing, like my towel and bathing suit. The bag I usually take to the beach is backpack with gold details. Unfortunately this bag doesn't have a label or tag on it anywhere so I have no idea what brand it is. I also tried to find a similar one so I could link it for you but I seriously can not find one anywhere! So if you find a backpack that is similar leave a link in the comments below so everyone else can check it out!
       The first three I items I always have with me is sunscreen, deodorant, and Gatorade. I think That sunscreen is the most important thing ever to have with you at the beach. Last year I got a terrible sun burn and it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I will most definitely not be making the mistake of not wearing sunscreen this or ever again. I like having a cream sunscreen with me because I honestly just think it works better than the spray sunscreen but I could be completely wrong. Also having deodorant with you is so important. You are constantly going in and out of water at the beach and your deodorant is bound to wash off. Having some in your bag not only a good idea for your personal hygiene but keeps you from smelling all day! Lastly staying hydrated is a must at the beach. Sitting out in the sun can easily make you dehydrated. I always bring a Gatorade and a water bottle to the beach with me to make sure I don't get heat stroke!

       I told you guys I was serious about never getting a sun burn again. Here I have my second bottle of sunscreen. This is the spray type but it is a higher SPF than the cream so I like to mix them together to get ultimate protection. I also have some Vaseline lip therapy because ain't nobody want chapped lips. I would suggest also packing a lip balm that has SPF as well because your lips can burn too! I also usually have a face sunscreen in my bag as well but it has appeared to gone missing and I am pretty sure my brother took it.

Lastly in my bag I have some hand sanitizer and some sea salt spray. Having sanitizer is a must for me because I hate feeling like there is dirt and grime under my nails especially when there isn't a sink I can wash my hands in. I also love having sea salt spray because my hair is super long and can get a little crazy at the beach. If I don't throw my hair into a bun then I will spray some in my hair and be good to go!

       Overall I love summer and relaxing at the beach. If you are going anywhere cool this summer break let me know where in the comments below! But other than that peace out my dudes and thank you for all the support you have been showing on my posts!

Happy Thoughts!
-Katie 💗


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