The Great Outdoors!


       It has recently come to my attention that I apparently come off as quite an outdoorsy person. Don't get me wrong I was told this by a semi intoxicated boy at a party but either way it got me thinking. In all honesty I understood where he was coming from. If you take a look at my current Instagram the last group of photos (other than birthday and dance posts) are typically all me outside or a picture of a nice view. Needless to say I guess I do spend a decent amount of time in what we call the great outdoors, if I'm being real with you right now I am sitting on my deck as I write this post up. The real question swirling around my little pea sized head was "how did Katie Harding the blog writing beauty become such an outdoorsy person?"

So I may not have the answer to that question and I am trying my best to not let it pick at my brain. But I have accumulated an album of photos that I have taken or that people have taken of me that I would love to share with you. I don't think I have ever done a "Photo Album" type post before but if you would like to see more like this let me know in the comments! Also I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for the amazing feedback on my last post. I felt like I really opened up and put my thoughts into sentences in hopes that someone out there would be able to relate. It was honestly such an amazing feeling knowing that I wasn't the only one feeling so lost in this big world we call home. Lastly lets get onto the photos! 
Happy Thoughts!
-Katie 💗


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