Summer is the time to get stuck in your head and spend some real time thinking. Whether I'm lying on the beach or sitting on the sofa, I find myself doing a lot of deep thinking. And sometimes whats in your head can be scary as hell! In the next year my life is going to change drastically, in September I will be heading into my last year or high school. An if all goes as planned I will be graduating in January. Now before I post this I know there are going to be an abundance of comments asking me what I plan to do after high school and the truth is I really don't have any plans. I have had many ideas pop up in my head but I honestly don't feel comfortable trying to pick one thing that I want to focus on for my future. And I have totally come to terms with that. In high school there is so much pressure on kids to have their futures completely planned out, which I think is completely ridiculous! I don't understand how an adult can ask a 17 year old teen to plan out their future. I know you might be thinking well they aren't asking you to plan your future but in my school district they really do. Grade 12 students are asked to complete an assignment called MAP (My Action Plan) in order to graduate. In this assignment you plan out your plan A and plan B in extreme depth. Where will you go to school? What will you do after post secondary? They even ask you to make a meal plan! And even though like I said I have come to terms wit the fact that I don't know what I want to do after high school, I feel like I am going to be brutally judged by the adults watching my MAP presentation if I say I have no plans. And I know I'm not the only one out there that is lost when it comes to future plans. So I'm trying not to worry too much about the craziness that is my future.

      On a happier note I could not be more excited that I am going to be a senior. School has never been my forte, don't get me wrong I get really good grades but I have never enjoyed it. Hence why I do online classes instead of some regular classes at school. I know that most people say that high school is the best years or your life so the I know the possibilities of the new school year are endless. I have finally found an amazing group of ride or die friends and I am thrilled to be spending my senior year with them before we all split up to pursue our dreams and new adventures.

       Overall this was an extremely random post but this blog is somewhere I feel comfortable voicing my opinion and posting things like this is going to help me to be able to get to know my readers better and make more of a connection with you. For now though my goal is to stop worrying about my future and focus on what is happening around me right now. As always thank you so much for tuning into my blog and thank you for the positive support you always bring to my blog.

Happy Thoughts!
Katie 💗



  1. I love how random this was but such an amazing 'catch-up' sort of post! Senior year with your best friends is going to make everything so much more fun xx

    Morgan //

  2. Hi! I feel I am in the same place as you (I live in England so the grades and years don't match up) next year I will be leaving sixth form and expected to know exactly what I want to do and where I want to go next, and I just don't know!! Im so indecisive, but my summer holidays have just started and I have lots of fun things planned with my friends and I'm also looking forward to my last year of sixthform with all my friends before we all move on!

    Molly |

    1. Yes! I am so glad someone could relate to my somewhat confusing post! There is so much of summer left and a whole year left of school to spend with friends and I think that is what I going to try and really focus on! Thank you so much for checking out my post!


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