Back To School!

I hate to break it to you but unfortunately yes, the time for back to school is upon us. I know, I know don't go crying to your pillows, well not yet at least. The first day of school can be stressful as hell. Trust me I am going into my senior year of high school, I have definitely had my fair share of first days. The first day doesn't have to be hell on earth, which is what I am here to try and help with.

Last year around this time I posted some back to school tips that I still stand by to this day. You can check out that post here:10 Back to School Lifesavers!

I have also done a post all about friendships which I also think is very important when starting a new school year and making new friends. Check that post out here: Friendships: The Good and the Toxic

Now that we have all my other posts that I think are helpful for the new school year listed, lets get into this one.
Today I am going to show you my go to makeup look for everyday at school. It is extremely easy and fast to do. I try to keep it minimal at school cause I ain't tryna impress no one. You could easily switch this look up to fit your skin type or make it more full coverage since this is a very light makeup look.
To be completely honest with you I thought about also including a back to school hairstyle in this post as well, but I know for a fact that after the first day of school my hair is gonna be in a messy bun until Christmas break.
Now lets get onto the makeup! This look create with all drugstore products so it is affordable and cute which is a total win-win situation. A little disclaimer I am NO makeup artist and I am not trying to tell you what products to use or how to do your makeup. I honestly probably not even doing anything right. So here are the products I use and what it looks like!

Products Shown: 

Wow look at that natural barely wearing any makeup look. Katie you are a genius. Look I think you should wear whatever makeup you want to school. If a full glam look is what you're comfortable in then damn girl glue on those eyelashes. I think makeup is fun and something you can really experiment with and find yourself with.
Anyways I hope this post and my other linked posts helped ease the tension of the back to school season! Let me know in the comments what day you go back to school! I go back on September 5th.

Happy Thoughts!
-Katie 💗


  1. This is such a beautiful back to school makeup look! xx

  2. The last year of high school is stressful, but all i'm going to say is don't forget to enjoy it. I'm in year 12 now, and looking back I have no idea why I got so stressed. Year 12 on the other hand... I have no idea how to not be stressed, haha.
    Aleeha xXx


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