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The Motivator!

Hi lovelies, I am going to try and keep the writing of this post very short and sweet. Lately I have been so motivated with not only my blog but my whole life. I have written three blog posts in the past day and I am so excited for you to see them. By the time this post is up you would have already seen them but that's not the point. 
I feel like in the summer months is when people start to really lack motivation. And usually I'm like that too! But now I feel like I am more motivate than ever. So I am creating this post in hopes to share some of my favorite motivational quotes and posts that I really love. Some of these might not be your faves but I hope You can find one in this bundle of photos that really speak to you. 
Sometimes in life all we need is a little push to really get us going and I am hoping that one of these quotes can do the pushing to really set you onto a motivated path.
Thank so much for all the love and support on my blog lately! 
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August/Summer Favourites!

Hey guys! I know I normally only do 1 post every two weeks but I thought I wold do a bonus post this week because August and summer break is unfortunately over. Also I haven't posted about my monthly favourites since April. And let me tell a lot can change in that amount of time! These are just random bits that I have been all over lately! 

Lash Paradise! This product came out and I could not believe the hype. People were freaking out over this mascara like they have never seen a mascara before. Obviously I was influenced to buy it by all of the youtubers and bloggers having a field day over it. And let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, this lives up to all of the expectations. I was blown away. I have never tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because I had heard such mixed reviews about it and I already have a high end mascara that I love. (Tarte Lights Camera Splashes) But if this mascara is compairible to the Too Faced mascara it must be good right?! Seriously th…