August/Summer Favourites!

Hey guys! I know I normally only do 1 post every two weeks but I thought I wold do a bonus post this week because August and summer break is unfortunately over. Also I haven't posted about my monthly favourites since April. And let me tell a lot can change in that amount of time! These are just random bits that I have been all over lately! 

This product came out and I could not believe the hype. People were freaking out over this mascara like they have never seen a mascara before. Obviously I was influenced to buy it by all of the youtubers and bloggers having a field day over it. And let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, this lives up to all of the expectations. I was blown away. I have never tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because I had heard such mixed reviews about it and I already have a high end mascara that I love. (Tarte Lights Camera Splashes) But if this mascara is compairible to the Too Faced mascara it must be good right?! Seriously though guys if you are looking for a new drugstore mascara then get THIS ONE. It is heaven. 

This is super random I know but peonies are  easily becoming my favourite flowers. It seem like every time I am on Pinterest and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers pops up on my feed it is almost always peonies. I even made a new Pinterest board dedicated to floral. So obviously I had to include it in my favourites! Check out my Pinterest Floral Board!

I always try and include the current website that I have been loving in my favourites. In April it was Pinterest and now in August it is Tumblr. I have had a Tumblr blog for quite a few years now and i honestly makes me so happy.  Just being able to reblog what ever I want and making an aesthetically pleasing collection of posts is so calming. Not only do I love seeing gorgeous photography skills coming to life on my timeline but Tumblr is full of witty people that know how to add a pun onto every situation. Tumblr is just a great space and that is the best way to describe it. 

People I Have Been Loving! 
I don't want to give a description about all of these people and why I love them because this post will end up being longer than the Great Wall of China. So to sum it all up, these people are all great for many different individual reasons and you should check them all out! (All names link to their Instagram pages)

That concludes my favourites for this month! I am not taking credit for these photos they are all from google. But I seriously tried to make sure all the photos I picked matched each other. Hope you guys liked this special little bonus post! Now that September is here I am ready for some hot coco and fuzzy socks! Be ready for a post all about motivation and lifestyle next week! 
Let me know in the comments what you have been loving lately!
Lots of love!

Happy Thoughts!
-Katie 💗


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  2. I love your blog so so much !!


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